Property Management

Communities throughout Renfrew County have unique property management needs. Rhino Werx can help you achieve your goals and provide quality services to both Commercial and Residental property owners.

Rhino Werx provides management and rental services for residental & commercial properties including bank foreclosures and repossesions.
We do full rental services such as rent collection, notice serving, property maintenance such as grass cutting and snow plowing.

We strictly follow the Ontario Landlord & Tenants Act of Ontario. 

We strictly follow all Municipal and Provincial Bi-Laws & Codes on every project we take on.

We take on and deal with clients all over Canada and have clients in the United States.

We work with Property/Commercial owners to help make their home or property more appealing to renter's or buyer's to ensure they maximize the potential of their property.
When dealing with other property management issues, such as housekeeping and maintenance, community reporting, and other clerical tasks, strict attention to detail from property managers is required in order to provide the best service possible to residents. Having someone like Rhino Werx on-call to handle emergency issues is also important. We make sure residents/clients know that they have somewhere to turn when building problems arise, even after-hours.
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